Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Monday - Friday Workout Plan

Do you remember my post {here} where I told you about my new workout plan from The Healthy Change?

Well after about a week of doing their suggested Monday-Friday workout plan, I altered it to fit my workout needs/preferences.  I didn't realize how much I altered it until I looked back at the original plan.  So I thought I would share the new plan I am using.  The plan still follows a Monday-Friday schedule, but I focus on arms three times a week {MWF}, legs two times a week {TuTh}, and abs every day {TuTh not as much}. 

The two things that I love MOST about this plan is that you have the weekends off and that you can do all of the exercises at home.  All you need is a couple of free weights from Wal-Mart and pavement.  :)

When I put together my plan, I focused on upper body exercises that target all areas {chest, shoulders, back, trapezius, biceps, and triceps}.  If you are not familiar with the arm exercises, you can find instructions on how to do them here.

When focusing on lower body toning, I wanted to keep the exercises simple yet effective.  So my "leg" plan just includes lunges and squats.  With abs, I am doing what works best for me.  And as you can see, I love standing crunches and bicycle crunches. {really I just love the results}

I encourage you to use the plan how it is or alter it to your needs/preferences.  I am always amazed how good I feel after a regular workout routine.  Remember:  I AM NOT A PERSONAL TRAINER.  I am simply sharing my plan with you all.  :)

For cardio, I have been doing the elliptical for 35 minutes for about 4.3 miles a day.  For arms, I use 10 pound weights.  If you have any questions at all, you can email me or leave a comment.

P.S. You can find a printable copy of my M-F workout {and a few other goodies} in an Excel Workbook {here}.

To download the Workbook follow these directions:
1. Click on the link above {or here}.
2. Click on "File" {top, left corner}.
3.  Go to "Download as".
4. Choose "Excel" {best option}.

Now you can save it and change it to fit your specific needs!

 I love Goggle Docs!

I thought I would also share the workouts by day {you can see them better}:

Another fyi: I am still pairing my M-F workout with this level workout.
I love adding this to my daily routine for more variety. 

via downtown

I have been working out at night {usually around 9 p.m.}.  And trust me, I usually don't want to go - but after I do, I am so glad that I did.  Hope this helps some of you!  Blessings! :)

I designed the workout plans using a FREE design kit by Summertime Designs.
You should go download it, too!  I love her designs!


I found the initial workout {my inspiration} that I was using from The Healthy Change on Pinterest.  So this is my Pinday post for this week!  You can check out my Health & Fitness board here.  Your turn to link-up! :)


  1. Love your plan!! Is there a way to make these printable??

  2. I agree with Amanda- are they available for download??

  3. Nowadays I'm very busy and there is no work out plan for this year I'm glad that I found your blog now I can copy your work out plan. Thanks for this amazing post...

  4. Do you do Three Sets of each listed thing on Tuesday and Thursday? Like 90 squats, 90 lunges each leg, etc?

  5. This may be a silly question... but how do you do a standing crunch?! I've done a million kinds of crunches it seems, but can't picture this one.

  6. Can you clarify your leg workout a little more...are those the 3 sets or is it 3 sets of each meaning you'd end up doing 90 squats per leg? and what exactly do you mean by squats for 10...like 10 reps or hold for 10 secs?

    i'd appreciate the help, I love your workouts!
    Thanks, Kelsie

  7. Looks like you love the work workout plan you created! Drawing up a workout plan that suits your body’s needs is very important to help you achieve the ideal physique. Just a friendly reminder: don’t stick to the same workout routine for too long. Change your routine every few weeks so that your body will experience extensive training. It’s also a good way to avoid being bored with your routine.

  8. Wow! This is a pretty intense workout routine. I hope you remember to warm-up before your workout. Do at least 5-10 minutes either on a bike, a rowing machine, jumping jacks, or even by simply running up and down your stairs. Also, if I may, I would like to add my own tips: (1) Always pick one exercise for a big muscle group. (2) Do at least 3-5 sets for each exercise. (3) Determine how many reps you’ll be doing and how long you’ll wait between each exercise. (4) Mix it up! and (5) Keep your workout under an hour, and always remember to stretch AFTER every workout.

    Grace Read

  9. Wonderful information, This is just the kind of information that i had been looking for. Thanks a ton once again, Regards, Exercise Plans


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